Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Fair Week 2012

It's  been a few weeks since fair ended.  Yet I still find myself going back to this series of pictures for a smile.  

You see, Miss Meg was not too excited to get up and show her animals in front of everyone.  She is so terribly shy.  Everything had gone so well with the rabbits and guinea pigs.  All we had to do was get though the goats.  I should have known it wouldn't stay so easy.  

The first sign something might happen.  "What's that over there?"

 "Oh wow, the grass over here smells so different."

"Oh, am I suppose to be behaving myself now?"

And that was it.  She was off.  And through it all, Meg survived.  She didn't have a breakdown and she didn't get mad.  She just got determined.  The goat may have been distracted, but Meg did not give up.  She even had fun.  I'm so proud of her.
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