Monday, January 5, 2009

Getting Organized

Anyone who is a part of my life knows that I am organizationally challenged in a huge way. I lose things regularly, even those things that I use every day. If it's not bolted down or too big and heavy to hide, I will lose it in my house.

So why am I telling you this? Because it's the beginning of a new year and I've decided that it's the perfect time to learn how to organize my house and my life. Almost a year ago I bought Regina Leeds book One Year To An Organized Life. I started to read it. I even planned to implement it. Yet here it is 2009 and I didn't do it.

Now I have really started. The book has you not only think about the way you keep your things, but also why you are the way you are. Why do I have issues with being on time? Why is my home in such disarray? And so on. I'm hoping that it will help me learn to think a bit differently.

January is the Kitchen. This week I'm analyzing my use of time, journaling and I made a page for my "dream book". Regina Leeds says to do a "dream board" to represent what you want to accomplish for the year. Somehow that seemed to overwhelming to me, so I started with one page for my kitchen. It represents all the things I can do if I manage my time better and keep my kitchen better organized and decluttered. My plan is to slowly make a scrap book of sorts with small dream boards to represent all the areas of my life so I can learn to tie them together.


The Zen Organizer said...

You go, Girl!

You have the right attitude and the perfect approach. Please e-mail me any questions you might have as you progress.

And remember: all things happen when the time is right...and never forget that 3 small children in a home makes getting organized really tough. Once you are at your goal, however, it will be much easier to keep order. You'll see...and what a great lesson to demonstrate for those children.

Happy New Year!

Regina Leeds

~Chris~ said...

I love the dream book idea I tell ya!
I love that the guru herself stopped by too. :)

Christa said...

Hmmm! Are you related to Shawn instead of me? lol!! Actually I could stand some more organization my self--but I just meant all the losing stuff!!
I should see if I could find the book in the library--I like to read stuff like that. Living on a Dime website has good ideas not only on saving money, but also on organizing. You might find it interesting.
Good Luck! Wish we lived closer--maybe we could help each other!!
Loves ya!!

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