Friday, March 6, 2009

Rest In Peace Henny Penny

No matter how determined you are to stay unattached to livestock, there always seems to be one that captures your heart. That one in my flock of hens was Henny Penny. I said I wasn't going to name any of the standard hens because we might eat them some day. But then one hen started to come running every time I was in sight. She would nuzzle my legs. She just had more personality than the others. Before I had even realized it, I had given her a name.

The flock won't be the same without her. I found her dead in the coop this afternoon. It appears that she was egg bound. She never showed any signs of being ill, so I hope that means that she went quickly without much pain or suffering.


Christa said...

I remember when I was a kid we had a chicken like that. Her name was Ruby. She would even fly up and sit on our shoulder. Who said a chicken couldnt have a personality?!!
I am sorry you lost your chicken, Heidi.

Hi ! I'm Cindy said...

I'm sorry, Heidi! I was so excited to see a new post from you, then the excitement left me........

On a brighter note, tho, how is your hatching coming?

Chicken Momma said...

Christa, thanks. I think I've heard about Ruby before. :o)

Cindy- I promise to do a happier post soon. The hatching hasn't started yet. Hubby asked me to wait a bit before we deal with chicks in the house again. He wants it warmer so they don't need to be inside as long.

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