Sunday, April 12, 2009

Easter Bunnies

We are now a seven rabbit family. We got Snowflake and Brownie last fall. They are nice rabbits and the kids and I just love having animals to take care of. So when a neighbor told us that she knew of some rabbits that needed a good home, we said we would take them in.

She had told us that they weren't being very well taken care of, but I didn't really understand what that meant until I came home yesterday to find their hutch had been dropped off. When I looked inside it never crossed my mind that it was the actual hutch that rabbits had been living in. I cleaned just under 30 gallons of rabbit droppings out of the four rabbit hutch. It was unbelievably deep. The saddest part was that we actually found a dead baby buried in one of the sections.

Thankfully the neighbor kept the rabbits at her house overnight since she wasn't sure when we were going to be home. That gave us time to clean up the hutch as best we could. It will do for now, but the wood is rotting pretty bad and they will need something new soon.

Here is Megan's rabbit, Snowflake. She is a New Zealand/Rex cross.

This is Jade's rabbit, Brownie. She is also a New Zealand/Rex cross.

Now here are pictures of the new rabbits. When I saw the state of the hutch, I was really worried about how healthy they would (or wouldn't) be. But so far they seem to be OK, just in need of baths.

This is the momma rabbit. I have no idea what breed she is. She is too small to be a dutch and her fur isn't right to be a Rex. She also just a bit small for a Rex. If I had to guess, I'd say she is about 6 pounds. We also don't know her age.

Here is another view of the momma. She seems to have a very nice temperament.

One last view of the momma. If anyone has a guess on her breed, please let me know.

Here are two of the three babies. I didn't get a good picture of the third one, but they all look alike. We have two bucks and a doe. There's another reason to get a new hutch built soon. We don't need more babies!

This is the daddy. I'm quite certain he's a Holland Lop. He's a bit skittish, but seems to like being held as long as you scratch between his ears and talk softly. I think with a little work he could be a good show rabbit for Jade to take to the fair.

Here's another view of the daddy. It might just be me, but I think he looks a bit weary. I hope that we can take good care of him and make him happy.

And last, but not least, is our guest photographer. Jade spent quite a while taking pictures of the rabbits. In fact, she was out there with them so long I forgot where she was and it took me 10 minutes to find her when it was supper time. :o)

Again, if anyone has any guesses on the breed of the momma rabbit, I would love to know. Also, we need to name them. Any suggestions would be welcome. I'll probably let Megan and Jade help make the final decisions on names.


Laurie said...

The bunnies are so cute Heidi! I do love the daddy, I guess I'm a Lop kind of girl, that's the bunny I had for a brief period of time when I was a teen! He does look weary, maybe the poor fellow was worried about the state of his family and home ;)

Jenny said...

How cute they are! I like the markings on the momma bunny. No help on breeds, though. Glad to know they've arrived at a good home.

Sunny said...

Hi Heidi, Thanks for stopping by my blog. The weight and the coloring of your Momma rabbit are right for a Dutch breed rabbit, they are not very big, and they do have a nice temperment. I have one of these for my grandson to play with when he is here as the new Zealand Whites we raise are too big for him to handle just yet. I enjoyed viewing your Blog! Hope we can talk more!

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