Sunday, August 23, 2009

The Ducks

These silly ducks want nothing to do with me in the daylight. However, every night when I go out to close the chicken coop and give one last look around the farm, they follow me everywhere.

Goose is the Pekin, Lucky is the Khaki Campbell, and the brown muscovy is named Coco.

Sometimes I think those Muscovies are just being watch dogs to make sure I don't do anything they don't approve of. Here we have Coco, Chocolate and Duck-Duck.

And here is a much better picture of Goose and Lucky. They came to us in June needing a good home. We love our ducks and they have been a fun addition to the farm.


Clorie said...

Ilove the chocolate ducky!!!!

Kristianna said...

Yes, the brown one is lovely!

Blogging Molly said...

That is SO sweet. Ducks are the BEST!

Sunny said...

Beautiful ducks! I am especially fond of the brown one with white trim! i love animals and birds of all kinds.

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