Thursday, October 29, 2009

Finding Focus

I love music. I think everyone loves music, so that is no profound thing to say. Since I was in seventh or eight grade, my favorite band has been a-ha. Yes, the group who sang "Take On Me". Did you know that is not the only thing they have done? They have had a long career with several hits in Europe and other parts of the world. If you happen to read my blog and you aren't from the USA, you might even know that already.

They have put out 13 CDs/Albums over their career. On top of that they have done other things. Morten Harket has put out several great solo recordings along with doing humanitarian work. Magne F has a great solo career as well as being an amazing artist. Paul Waakaatar-Savoy and his wife Lauren have their own band, Savoy. They have done a lot over the last 30 years.

Remember what they looked like in the mid 1980's?

And here they are now:
Still look like they are enjoying themselves, don't they? I know I have enjoyed their music over the years.

So what does this have to do with finding focus you ask? I'll tell you. It has to do with the announcement that they are planning a farewell tour and that at the end of 2010 they will no longer be a-ha collectively. I'm over my sadness for the moment and am just hoping that they will continue to do things as individuals.

Recently it was announced that they plan to take their tour to North America for two weeks in May. Since they have only come to the USA once in my adult life, I've never had the chance to see them in concert. My loving husband, who has seen his favorite band (Rush) in concert numerous times, has promised that he will take me to see them next spring.

Still wondering what has to do with finding focus? I'm almost there. I told my husband that I plan to act like a drooling teenage girl at the concert. He's fine with that. About two days after I told him that, I realized that I'm not a teenage girl. I haven't been for a very long time. Not only am I not a teenage girl, I'm a good 100 pounds heavier than I was when I was a teenage girl. While I don't see me loosing 100 pounds, I do see myself loosing the vast majority of that 100 pounds before May. I don't want to act like a teenage girl AND be this fat.

I've been trying to find my motivation for a long time now. Being a mom of three with a growing hobby farm wears a person out and makes it really hard to focus on myself at all. I'm just plain TIRED all the time. However, just the idea of seeing a-ha live has me excited and I'm keeping that as my focus. I want to feel thin and pretty again when I go to this concert. For the foreseeable future, I will have my iPod loaded with nothing but a-ha songs. I will be subjecting my children to a-ha whenever they ride in the car, and I will be watching many You Tube videos.

I'll keep you updated on my progress.

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