Friday, May 7, 2010

This Makes Me Mad

I've refrained from using my blog to promote my views on the world. For the most part this blog is a happy place for me where I can escape the turmoil of the world around me. I blog about happy things like my new baby goats or the birthdays of my children.

However, something happened on Wednesday that makes me so mad I just have to say something or I will burst. Forgive me if my thoughts seem wild and disorganized. I have so many things boiling up inside me over this that I fear my words will fall all over themselves.

On Wednesday, May 5th some students were sent home for wearing shirts with the American flag on them. CLICK HERE for the full story.

Apparently the Assistant Principle of the school didn't want to offend the Mexican-American students on Cinco De Mayo on the day they were celebrating their heritage.

Now I'm all for celebrating where you come from. I think it's great to remember your family history and heritage. But come on! Cinco De Mayo is a great day for Mexican and Mexican-American people in the United States to celebrate this. BUT IT IS STILL AMERICA. Cinco De Mayo is NOT an American holiday, it is a Mexican holiday. It is, in fact, Mexico's independence day. Should we expect other countries to put their patriotism on hold for the Americans in their countries on The 4th of July?

I five students were discriminated against. Not for their race, sexual orientation or religious views, but for displaying their love of this country. In my opinion this is not acceptable. If I were the parents of those students I would be pulling my kids out of the school and hiring a good lawyer. I feel that the Principle and Assistant Principle that sent these kids home should be suspended without pay for the remainder of the school year, at the very least. If I were to be completely honest here, I think they should be fired.

When are Americans going to stand up for America? I am not at all against immigrants coming into our country (legally!!), we are a country founded on immigration. I do have something against anyone feeling the need to suppress their love of country or being American for fear of offending someone.

I'm very saddened that these boys have been through this. I hope that they and their families are strong enough to stand their ground. I personally would love to replace all the their clothing with only patriotic items. Unfortunately I'm not in a financial position to do that.


Edit: It seems I made a mistake in my original post when I called Cinco De Mayo Mexico's Independence Day. Mexico's Independence Day is actually September 16. To learn more about Cinco De Mayo please click HERE.


Anonymous said...

Cinco de Mayo is NOT Mexico's independence day, it is the day of a major victory against the French. Oddly, it is celebrated more in the US (mostly with Margarita specials) than it is in Mexico. Mexico's Independence Day is September 16.

This was a mistake by a principal, and the school board corrected it.

Anonymous said...

Oh my! Huge kettle of fish here. Back when my own kids were school age "I" would have been unhappy if someone had told them that wearing American flag tshirts was inappropriate BUT more recently I have been reading the US flag code and my updated opinion is that if you read the flag code an American flag on anything other than a uniform is considered disrespectful of the flag. So my "new and improve" opinion is that US students probably need to follow the flag code and refrain from wearing the flag unless they are in uniform.

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