Saturday, March 12, 2011

Baby Watch Starts Today

Goat gestation is 150 days. Today is 150 days since the girls were first taken to my friends farm for an extended stay with their buck.

So now we watch and wait. Since two of the girls are first fresheners (that means they have never had babies before) I have no idea if they will show signs of getting ready before it's time. Some goats do and other done. Leah, our full Nubian doe, is showing signs but doesn't seem quite there yet. Her udder is noticeably larger today, but not really tight like I would expect. Her ligaments are loosening, but not gone. The other two have no signs at all.

While I expect Leah to first, there is no guarantee. Some goats just don't udder up or loose their ligaments until they start labor.

Regardless of who goes first, I can't wait for the babies! There is nothing as cute as a baby goat.

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