Sunday, September 30, 2012

September Soup Of The Month: Avgolemono

Some friends and I have decided to try a monthly recipe thing again.  This time it's going to be soups.

This months soup (pictured above) is Avgolemono.  It is a Greek soup who's name translates to Egg And Lemon.  The recipe we used can be found HERE.

I apologize for the poor picture, the battery was dead in my camera so I had to use my phone. 

Now for what I thought of the soup.  In short, it was good.  Not great, but good.  However, I think it could be great.  I followed the recipe exactly, as I normally do when I make something for the first time.

I found the lemon flavor to be a bit over powering.  My lemons were on the rather large side though, so in retrospect I probably should have used just two of them. 

I also found the whipped egg very hard to incorporate.  Next time I may not whip them quite so much.

Other recipes I have looked at call for a measured amount of lemon juice, eggs whipped until just foamy and more egg yolk.  

While I did find it to have too much lemon, the soup did leave me wanting bite after bite.  The egg gives it a very silky mouth feel and the pasta just enough chew to leave me satisfied. 

I can't wait to try this soup again.  I think with minor adjustments it would be a fast family favorite.

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Roberthussy said...

It's time to share a soup that fits the lemon-themed meal that I am preparing with a group of fellow bloggers who have joined in on February's Cooking Light Virtual Supper Club. I am making a Greek-inspired soup called Avgolemono. I have some of the same bright chicken broth that I prepared for Betty's chicken noodle soup, but I will be introducing lemon juice and eggs to the broth to make a smooth and somewhat creamy soup that will have rice, peas and scallions embellishing it. Truly traditional Avgolemono has nothing more than chicken broth, lemon juice, eggs, rice, and salt and pepper, but I am starved for green at this time of year. I chose to make Cooking Light's version with scallions. Plus, I'm adding peas and some small chunks of chicken thigh meat. Consider it a jazzed up avgolemono. It will be a meal for us with a side salad. If I were with my Virtual Supper Club cohorts, I would leave out the meat, as this would keep the soup light -a perfect second course, given the rest of the dinner menu.


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