Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Ten Things I've Learned This Week.

1) Be sure the cute small green pepper your friend gave you from her garden isn't really a huge jalapeno BEFORE you put a chunk in your mouth.

2) My chickens are smart enough to go in out of the rain all on their own.

3) No matter how much I want it to happen, the kitchen will never clean itself.

4) Braden likes goats almost as much as I do.

5) I shouldn't pick black berries or dew berries while wearing shorts and sandals.

6) Leaving my daughter at summer camp for the first time was hardder than I expected.

7) If I water the garden, it will rain the next day.

8) My cat is afraid of my chickens.

9) My chickens aren't afraid of my cat.

10) If you have chickens loose in your backyard, be sure to always wear shoes.


Anonymous said...

Sorry 'bout that pepper. ;)
What day do you go get #1?

Shannon said...

Hi- I got your blog addy from the yahoo chicken group. This list is too funny! I have a couple of small green peppers from our co-op. I will be sure to test them first! I was picking blackberries just yesterday in crop pants and a short sleeve shirt (not much better than shorts and sandles ={ )
Thanks for your advice about my chics I did try again with much better results this afternoon! Although I feel a little less responsible for their orderly parade back into the coop after the rain came ;)

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