Thursday, April 29, 2010

I Want To Be Lazy.

I recently found a new blog to read in my spare time. It's called I'm A Lazy Mom. It's chock full of information on how important it is to get our kids involved in the daily workings of the house. Not only does this make life less stressful for mom and get the jobs done faster (more people doing them means less time doing them), it also means that the kids know how to do for themselves when they grow up and move out on their own. I think it's brilliant. My new goal is to be a lazy mom too.

The author also has started handing out Lazy Mom Jobs. We are suppose to do the job and then provide photographic proof that it was done. This week the job was to paint our toe nails. (Yay, a fun one to start me out!) I did one better, I got my daughter to paint them for me. See....
I even let her pick the color. She was amazingly excited to do it. Her brother and sister were upset that they couldn't paint them. Do I see new special helper reward in our future?

Not only did I get to feel a little pampered by having someone else paint my toe nails for me, but I also got to have a nice relaxed conversation with my daughter while she did it. I'd say that is a win win situation.


Stacey said...

Oh my goodness! Not only are you in the running for the gift card, but you get like a gazillion bonus points for, first of all, GETTING the whole lazy mom concept -- good girl! And second of all, for going above and beyond and implementing the lazy mom concept into the lazy mom job assignment. I am SUPER impressed!

(unfortunately bonus points don't count for anything other than a warm happy feeling that you're doing it right!)

Jenilee said...

what a great idea! I should have gotten all three of mine in on the painting action! :) visiting from lazy moms!

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