Sunday, July 18, 2010

Braden's First Crush

This is Lindsay, Braden's first crush.

Back in December we took Braden to have his hair cut by Tammy, the woman who cuts his dad's hair. Lindsay works in the station next to Tammy. Braden was completely infatuated with Lindsay from the moment he saw her. He was making the cutest googly eyes at her the whole time.

Fast forward a couple months. Braden hadn't seen Lindsay since Christmas time and there really hadn't been much mention of her since right after that first time he saw her. Yet here was Braden pretending to talk on the phone. When he "hung up" he looked me and said in the puffed up macho way males do "I was talking to my girlfriend...Lyndsay."

So when we told Braden last week daddy was going to call Tammy and make hair cut appointments, he said "I want my girlfriend Lindsay to cut my hair." Seriously, what three year old boy requests a specific hair stylist on his own?

As the day approached, he kept saying he was going to tell Lindsay she was his girlfriend. Too bad he got shy and chickened out. I would have loved to hear her response. But he did tell me later that it was nice to have her touch his hair.

Yesterday when I showed him the pictures of his hair cut, he looked at me and asked "Can Lindsay come live at our house?"

I wonder how long before he realizes she a little too old for him. And I wonder if this is the first sign that he's going to like older women.

Boys are so fun.

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~mel said...

awwww.... that's so sweet

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