Sunday, October 31, 2010

The Concert

The main reason that we took the trip to Germany when we did was so that Leslie and I could see a-ha together on their farewell tour "Ending On A High Note".

It was a truly wonderful experience. My pictures aren't the greatest as we were sitting up rather high, but I thought I'd share a few with you anyhow.
I was secretly a little worried that Morten Harket wouldn't sound as good live as he does on CD. I had no need to worry. He sounded great!

The concert was at the Olympic Hall in Munich. It was a nice venue with great acoustics. It would have been nice if the speakers and cords hadn't been in the way of the big screens though. Not that I'm complaining. It was my last chance to see a-ha live. No complaints from me at all.

See, even with the cords in the way Morten still looks good on the screen. Nope, not complaining at all. :o)

Most of the pictures were very dark because the lighting was low. I'm guessing that was so all the stuff they were showing the the big screens would be easier to see. But I did manage to get a couple shots with good light.

One last good-bye. They ended the show with Take On Me. But the song that got me the most was Manhattan Skyline. As an American that song hits a little different now than it did before 2001.


~ H said...

So glad you were able to time your trip like that! It still cracks me up to see Munchen. I remember moving there and wondering what this Munchen place was. After a month of living there someone clued us in. LOL!

Liesl said...

Oh lucky you to have seen their last cocert! Sounds like you had a wonderful trip!

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