Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Baby Goat Pictures

Shamrock is officially living outside with the other goats now. This has not only been the best thing for her and for us, but also for her mother. Leah was just not giving milk like she should. With in hours of moving the baby outside she was finally taking care of her AND nursing her. This was shocking because she was 2 1/2 weeks old and had been only bottle fed to that point.

So now we are letting Shamrock nurse all day but separating her at night so I can milk in the morning. In just the first night, Leah's milk increased by 1/3.

Jade didn't want to give up having a bottle baby, so she takes Shamrock a small bottle in the morning while I milk Leah. That way I can take all the milk and Shamrock won't be completely starving when her mom comes back with an empty udder.

I love this picture. Ruger isn't overly fond of the goats. Cattle dogs don't like things that don't stay put when they want them too. However, Shamrock he finds to be at least tolerable. Probably because she was in the house for a couple weeks living with him.

Is it a goat or a rabbit? Shamrock still follows Jade around as much as she can. She is small enough to just walk through the holes in the livestock panels that make up the goat yard.

Oh wait, it's a Pointer! If you ever need something to make you smile, find a baby goat to watch.


Jennifer said...

I agree! Baby goats never fail to make me smile, currently have one we have been bottle feeding and he just cracks me up.

Monica R said...

I love the picture of Ruger and Shamrock.

Sunny said...

Heidi, I miss my years of goats all over again! This kid is sooooo CUTE!!! Have fun... they will constantly make you laugh!

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