Wednesday, November 23, 2011

He Wants To Be A Model

Otis is looking for a new home.  We had planned to get pygmy does at one point, so at the time getting him seemed like a good idea.  Unfortunately things fell through concerning the does so we really don't have a reason to keep him other than as a pet.  

If any of you reading this has buck goats, they will know why they don't always make good pets.  When they are in Rut, they can get a little aggressive, not to mention smelly.  Also, when he can smell that the does we do have are in heat, it is stressful for him.  

So you can see  why it would be better to find him a home where he can be more useful.  Although I'm not sure he's planning to stay with farm life.  He seems to want a modeling job.  He's working on his portfolio now.  Here are his current head shots:

All of us here at Bramble Valley Homestead (our now official farm name) hope that you and yours have a wonderful Thanksgiving (if you are in the US) if you choose to celebrate it.  


Kristianna said...

Great farm name, Heidi. Love it. :) Happy Thanksgiving to your family, too.

Karen said...

Love the farm name! Good luck finding Otis a new home, and we hope you guys have a great Thanksgiving, too.

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