Friday, September 26, 2008

Daring Lavash

I did my first challenge this month with Daring Bakers. The recipe was for Lavash Crackers, and we were suppose to make some sort of dip to go with it.

This was my first attempt at making crackers. I was rather excited to try. The recipe turned out more like a thin pita bread than crackers. I may try it again sometime without the yeast to see if that makes a difference. Either way, it is delicious and I will be making it again in the future.

The recipe was for making it either with gluten or gluten free. I thought about doing it gluten free, but I couldn't justify the cost when I had the ingredients on hand to make it with wheat flour.

For my dip, I chose to make a salsa with cherry tomatoes and sweet banana peppers.

Here is the recipe as I made it:

Lavash Crackers

1 1/2 cups flour
1/2 tsp salt
1/2 tsp instant yeast
1 T sugar
1 T olive oil
1/3 C to 1/2 C + 2 T water
Salt, Sesame seeds and Paprika for toppings

1) In a mixing bowl stir together the flour, salt, yeast sugar, oil and just enough water to form dough. You probably won't need all the water. (I think I only needed about the 1/3 C)

2) Knead the dough for 10-20 minutes, or until it is firm and smooth. Dough should not be tacky.

3) Oil a bowl. Put a dough in the bowl and roll it around to coat. Cover with plastic wrap and let rise for 90 minutes, or until about double in size.

4) Mist counter lightly with cooking spray. Gently roll the dough into a 12 x15 inch rectangle. You may need to stop a few times to let the gluten relax so the dough will hold it's shape. Be sure to cover it when it is resting. Also, lift the dough occasionally.

5) Place the dough on parchment on a baking sheet. Spritz lightly with water and sprinkle with alternating rows of sesame seeds and paprika. Then sprinkle salt over the whole thing.

Here is what my dough looked like just before it went in the oven:

6) Bake in an oven that has been preheated to 350 degrees F. for 15-20 minutes, or until the crackers are evenly brown., or until the crackers begin to brown evenly across the top.

7) Remove from oven and let cook in the pan for about 10 minutes. Break (or tear) apart and serve with your choice of dip.

Cherry Tomato, Banana Pepper Salsa

2 C. Cherry tomatoes
3 banana peppers
1 small onion
1 tsp salt
2 cloves of garlic

Put all ingredients in a food processor and process to your desired consistency. I did mine fine and then used a mesh strainer to strain off the excess liquid.


Amy said...

This looks yummy! I might have to try the crackers, my little guys love crackers all the time!

Laurie said...

Oooh your salsa sounds good Heidi!

Gretchen Noelle said...

Great job on your challenge and I bet the dip was delicious with the peppers. Yum! Welcome to the Daring Bakers!

Eat4Fun said...

Congratulations on completing your first DB Challenge! Very nice lavash and salsa. :-)

Lauren said...

Ooo, your lavash looks amazing, Congrats on your first challenge!

Chicken Momma said...

Thanks everyone for the comments. I really had fun with the challenge and I am looking forward to the next one. The salsa was AMAZING. I wasn't sure it would be, but it was all I had on hand. I will be making it again. Hopefully to can next year.

Kristianna said...

I like how yours looks with the broken lavash. :)

silverrock said...

AAAA! I love banana peppers, I will definitely have to try your tomato-pepper salsa next time I make crackers. Way to go on your first DB challenge, rock on!

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