Monday, September 15, 2008

Planning for next year

Now that my garden is almost done for this year, it's time to start thinking about what I want to grow next year.  I do think I tried to put too much in my space this year.  With the raised beds, it all grew very well as planted, but as things bushed out, it made harvesting rather difficult.  So I'm planning to have two (at least) more raised beds.  This way I can spread things out in a way that will make them easier to manage.  Also, I'm going to plant pole beans rather than bush beans next year.  I think it will be wise to make use of vertical space as much as possible.

So now that I have that decided I am moving on to what exactly I want to plant.  I'm thinking mostly heirloom veggies.  I came to that decision when I found Baker Creek Heirloom Seeds

Of course I won't be able to get everything from there.  It would cost too much.  But how fun to grow things I can't get elsewhere? 

I'm even planning for gardens beyond next year.  I've been talking to Rob about raising a couple pigs next year.  My hope is to put them in a pen just off the east side of the lawn.  Then in 2010 I can use that space for squash and corn. 

I'm sure I'll come up with more plans as time goes on.  I just love coming up with new ideas.


Deborah said...

I've ordered from Baker Creek, as well as It's a lot of fun to grow heirloom vegetables. I don't think their seeds are all that much more than commercial seeds. And they have a good germination rate. This year I bought seeds from a local retailer, and the germination rate was terrible. Soldier beans are one of my favorite things to grow. We only bought seeds once, and we've been saving enough each year to replant, so we're on our fifth generation of organic, Illinois-grown soldier beans!

Pole beans are an excellent idea because they also save your back when you're harvesting!

Anonymous said...

HI Its Tresh in OK!!!
so sorry to hear about mom had to sit with her 22 on night to get an owl....he was HUGE...but he was flying in at night and plucking them off one by one...I thought my mom was soooo cool back then! hahaa...guineas will REALLY help...and drive you crazy!! I have raised garden beds too...I cannot grow a tomato to save my life..I cannot figure out what I am doing wrong because everything else thrives.
Fun Blog!

Laurie said...

I'm planning my garden for next year too.....I pulled out some perennials to make room for veggies...imagine that!

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