Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Would you just look at this little boy?!? What happened? Isn't he still suppose to be my baby? He just looks too old to me in this picture.We were at Meet The Teacher night at Megan's preschool and Braden was completely enthralled with the toy kitchen. He kept trying to cook on the plates and mirowave the ketchup and mustard.

Now this picture is what I harvested from the garden on Sunday morning. We had more than enough fresh veggies for our cookout.
I would have liked for the carrots to be a little bit bigger, but considering the dry spell we have had, I was pleased to get so much. We are still eating leftovers. It's amazing how wonderful truly fresh food tastes.

Just because I think it's so beautiful, here is one of our morning glories that just started to bloom.
Actually they are some of the flowers Jade chose for the garden. Even from the house, that bright blue catches my eye first thing in the morning and makes me smile.

And last, but by no means least, the tomatoes are FINALLY starting to ripen.
I think I will be eating these two for lunch tomorrow.

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Amy said...

Wonderful garden pictures and Oh how I hear you about the aging children, I mentioned this just the other day on my blog, my children are growing too fast!

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