Tuesday, December 16, 2008

The Santa Story

If I had only known, I would have at least put on a little makeup. So why am I in this picture? Because Megan, who insisted on seeing Santa, wouldn't go near him once we got there.

Megan wants a Swim To Me Puppy for Christmas. She wants one so bad that she begged to see Santa because she wanted to make sure he knew it's what she wants. Yes, she sent him a letter. But that's not as good as telling the person face to face.

So we find out that Santa will be at The Depot Saturday afternoon. I load all three kids in the van and head out. We get there and Jade is the one that gets all excited and rushes right up to sit in Santa's lap. But little miss Megan won't get within five feet of the Jolly Old Elf. So I take Braden up, he takes one look at Santa and screams.

The solution? I sit beside Santa. Braden sits on my lap, Meg stands in front of me and Jade gets in just so she isn't left out. Next year I'll remember that I should do my hair and make up to see Santa.


~Chris~ said...

Y'all are adorable! LOL.

Farmgirl_dk: said...

Funny story! You poor thing...I hate being caught out like that. But in all honesty, I think you look adorable and you're a good mama for sitting (almost) on Santa's lap for the sake of your kids! lol

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