Sunday, June 7, 2009

New Rooster, Broody Hens, Goat Names and More

Sadly, our large cochin rooster turned mean and had to go. He was attacking both me and my eight year old daughter at every opportunity. Even drawing blood at times. I had to have Jade stop doing any chicken chores because of him.

We still want chicks though, so we needed a standard rooster. I put out that I was looking for a nice full grown rooster with good manners. Breed was not important, he just had to be friendly and non aggressive.

So meet Chicklet. We really don't know what breed he is. His coloring is very much like Cheif, but he's smaller and clean legged. He also has a much larger comb and waddle and his tail will be longer when it grows back in. The hens love him. (He's not in the crate anymore, that picture was taken when we brought him home last weekend.)

I have a few hen, seven to be exact, that haven't paid much attention at all to the goings on in the chicken yard. They are too busy wanting to be moms. Seven broody hens. I finally gave some eggs to each of them in hopes that hatching and rearing chicks will bring them out of it. We'll see though. They are due to hatch on Wednesday. And see that turken (the one with no neck feathers)? She is normally the nicest and calmest of the standard sized hens. Now that she's broody, she is nasty! I hope that means that she's going to be a good mother as well and protect her brood well.

In goat news, we have a name for the baby. Jade thought we should name her Pixie. So meet Pixie. I'm not so sure she cares what we call her so long as we leave her alone. But that's not going to happen.

Jade and I went to the 4H Goat Clinic yesterday and Jade got to get hands on with a goat and learn now to wash, shave and show it. Now she is excited to start working with Pixie. I think once she learns that we can be trusted everything will be fine. Associating us with food will help too.

Tody I get to add one more thing to the farm. Ducks! The same lady who supplied our wonderful new rooster has Muscovy ducks that need a new home. She actually has several animals looking for new homes as they are downsizing their farm. See these Llamas? Think Rob would notice if I brought them home with me too?


KentuckyFarmGirl said...

We had a nasty big red rooster that had to go when we first moved out here. The one we have now is wonderful. He's even bigger than the first guy we had but I don't think he has a mean bone in his body towards us or the kids. He'll protect his women from the dog and the other two smaller rooster but he's a sweetheart with the boys. Good luck with you broody mommas! Can't wait to see the chicks.

Laurie said...

I love llamas! Bring one home, you can be a Llama Mama too! They always have such cute expressions on their faces, like they are happy to see you :)

Pixie is a cute name for the baby goat!

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