Monday, November 16, 2009

The Picture Of Beauty

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This is Kim. Isn't she beautiful? I love this picture of her. The spark in her eyes makes me smile and tear up at the same time. I don't recall what exactly was happening when I took this picture.

I met Kim via the internet, along with several other ladies I hold dear to my heart. They are all special, but I think they would all agree that there is something about Kim that makes her extra special.

It's not just that she is a breast cancer survivor, although that is part of it I'm sure. I had the privilege of finally meeting her face to face this summer. What an experience. She has a presence that at once leaves you in awe of her and makes you feel like you've sat talking to her a million times before.

She exudes strength and confidence even when you know she's probably crying on the inside. In the face of cancer she has remained full of life.

When my life seems hard to handle and I feel like I'm just so weighed down I think of her. I remember how strong she is and how she faces everything head on knowing that somehow she will make it through. I let her inspire me.

I can truly say my life has been improved through knowing her.
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