Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Who Has The Best Husband?

That would be me. This man right here deserves the title of "Worlds Greatest Husband". In the past week he has had to deal with taking care of me, two sick kids, one healthy kid, all the farm animals and getting our well pump replaced.

Meg and Braden have both been sick with either bad colds or a mild flu. Braden was waking in the middle of the night burning with fever and unable to get back to sleep. While this was going on, I developed a sever skin infection in my right ear. I'm very sensitive to medication, so the Tylenol 3 that the Dr. gave me left me rather groggy and didn't really take care of the pain as well as I needed it to.

Then over the weekend, the pump went out on the well and I developed a bad case of swimmers ear in BOTH ears. Obviously the antibiotics the Dr. had given me previously weren't doing much good. I spent a good part of Sunday and most of Monday literally writhing in pain. Pain to the point that this full grown woman was at times whimpering and at others crying and occasionally screaming. Pain to the point I was unable to care for my children or my animals.

What did my husband do through all of this? He went to the store to get frozen pizza because of course, the well went out when we had no clean dishes to cook in. He then went to the neighbors to fill buckets with water. Once the animals all had water to drink, he heated water for washing dishes. Not just once, but three times over the weekend. Not only that, he heated water and fill the bath tub by hand and bathed children. All with never losing his temper, never raising his voice, never losing patience with us.

Monday once the well pump was replaced, he discovered there was a leak in a pipe under the house that needed fixing. While he fixed that, which took three tires (It was a Monday after all), He called my Dr.'s office repeatedly because I was in too much pain to talk on the phone.

He got me in to see my Dr. and took me to get my new, stronger medications. And then called off work because I was worried about weather or not I would be able to take care of kids in the middle of the night while taking Vicodin. I'd never taken it before, and as I stated earlier I am VERY sensitive to medications.

I feel like the luckiest girl in the world. Any girl can get a guy who brings them flowers and candy. But not every girl can find a guy who handles all of this with the tenderness and dedication that shows his love in the ways that really count.

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Cindy from Chippewa Creek said...

I hope you and the kids are feeling better now, Heidi?

Yes, definitely a good man you have! Many would run the other when having to deal with all that :) But now that you know it can be done...<:wink>

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