Friday, June 18, 2010

I Fell In Love

That's right, I fell in love today. Head over heels. Unfortunately he was not available, and he wasn't even the right breed. He was a huge, beautiful Saannen buck at the farm I visited to purchase a new doeling. (No, I really don't need a new doeling. But what does that have to do with anything?)
Do you see this big beautiful guy? The lady said he is so gentle and can even be trusted with kids. The goat kind of kids that is.

I do feel a little bad that I was so taken with the big white Saannen that I didn't really even notice the other buck there. I'm sure he was wonderful as well.

I just only had eyes for the one. I wanted to bring him home. Never mind the fact have no available housing for a buck. No way to build housing for a buck. And no money to hire someone to do it for me.

But alas, I had to move on. We weren't there for the bucks no matter how beautiful they were. We were after doelings.
And there were plenty to choose from too. They were all very friendly and tried to get close enough to play with us. Too bad the fence was electric. Poor things.

I was only going to maybe buy one doeling. I have wanted a nice Nubian/Boer mix of some sort for a while. It's a cross that can produce nice milking does, but also nice meat animals as well.

So much for my resolve. I bought two. I haven't sold my others yet and my pen is not big enough. Thank goodness my friend who came with me was willing to keep them at her farm for a couple weeks.See the little tan doeling on the right? I bought her. She is Boer/Nubian/Saannen. Good thing I'm not worried about pure breeds. I'll be breeding her to a nice Nubian buck when she is old enough.

And look at these sweet faces. The one in the front is my other little girl. She is Boer/Saannen/Nubian/Alpine. But seriously, she looks just Boer/Nubian.

Based on the udders I saw on the moms and the size of the teats on these girls already at just a few months old, they are going to be nice for milking.

My friend ended up buying a doeling as well along with a little buckling. If I had a place for a buck, I might have really considered the buckling myself. He's a really nice one. Of course I would have had to rethink buying does.

The craziest part of the whole thing? We drove for an hour with four goats in the back of my minivan on a tarp.

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