Sunday, June 8, 2008

They sure grow fast

The chicks are quickly out growing their little brooder boxes. What I thought would for sure get us through the first four weeks, may not get us through THIS week. So Rob and I are trying to figure out what to do now. The coop is not moved or anywhere near ready for the chicks. Yet they clearly can't stay where they are much longer.

I'm thinking it might work to design a chicken tractor that I can put a removable USB bottom in to use until the coop is ready. Then we can just take the bottom out down the road and have a tractor for use in the yard and garden. It would defiantly be much easier if we didn't have a cat. She hasn't tried anything yet, but I'm sure if the chicks were left unattended long with out the lids on the brooders, she would have a snack. I can't fault her for that though. She is an excellent mouser and that's one of the reasons we have her.

The chicks are also starting to really love getting treats. Jade has been giving them fresh basil leaves and today she picked some grass for them. We also got to see our very first full out dust bath today. Prior to now, they would just take turns sitting in the sand and pecking at it. Today the chick that is feathering the fastest threw herself right in the middle and flopped all over. I think she would have stayed right there for a nap when she was done if the other chicks would have let her.

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Farmgirl_dk: said...

It's amazing how early they start to do "chicken" things, isn't it? I remember being so surprised by my chicks' first dust bath...I was, like, how do they KNOW to do that? :-) lol

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