Monday, June 2, 2008


I got the call from the post office at 7:27am and was at the post office and back home by 8:00am. There were 30 chicks in all and so far they all seem healthy and lively. They are eating and drinking well and seem to be comfortable with the temperature.

Here are some pictures.Brooder 1 has 15 chicks total. Obviously if you count them you will know there are one or two missing in this picture.

Brooder 2 also has 15. Again, not all are pictured.

I think this one is a Light Brahma. It looks darker in the picture than it actually is.

This is our one and only Turken. I thought I didn't want any, but now I might be wishing I had more. So far this chick is the first one to run up for attention when my hand goes in the brooder.

So there they are. Megan is in her glory and just can't decide which one is going to be her "Boo Boo Chicken". The order was for 25 of McMurrary's Brown Egg Layer Assortment and 3 Araucana Bantams. They gave us an extra bantam free and also the order included a free rare chick. I'm hoping that we have at least 2 roosters so that we will be able to hatch chicks in the spring.

OK, I'm off to dote on my new babies. I'll post more pictures soon. I'm just so EXCITED!


Kristianna said...

Man, they are SO CUTE. Cutey-McCute-Cute. Enjoy your new babies!

Christa said...

Sounds like you all are tickled!! Have fun!! I enjoy reading your blog!!

Farmgirl_dk: said...

Yay!!! Congratulations!!! They are darling...and wow - so much smaller than my 13 week old MONSTERS! :-) Don't blink because they will literally change overnight! 30 at one shot - wow!
It's probably a safe bet that you will wind up with at least two roos. From what I've read, the "extra" chick and the "rare" chick are generally boys. This works usually for country folk, but can be a pain for city chicken owners! :-) A big congratulatory hug to you - now you're truly a chicken momma!!! :-D

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