Wednesday, March 24, 2010

The Teeny Tiny Egg

Last week Rob brought in the smallest, cutest egg. I have no idea which hen laid it.

Here it is next to one of our "normal" sized eggs. Not only was it really small, but it was almost perfectly round as well

Only about an inch long. Just over 1/3 the size of the other egg. So we wondered what was in side it.

The little blob to the right is the little egg, the big blob on the left is the normal egg. The yolk wasn't even whole and firm like it was suppose to be. The kids thought the whole thing was pretty cool.


Dianna said...

Enjoyed your post of contrasts!

tberry29 said...

Those little eggs like that are called "fart eggs"....Lol
I read about em on BYC (backyard chickens) Never have I got one, but I have seen pics..I always wandered what the inside looked like though...thanks for sharing.

Callie said...

I've read that when chickens first start laying they sometimes lay those tiny eggs. Great photos!

Juli said...

That is tiny! We've had one or two almost that small from first time layers but i think that's the smallest i've ever seen.

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