Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Yes, I'm Sure About That.

A question I get a lot when I tell people we are going to be home schooling our children is "Are you sure about that?". The answer is yes, I'm sure about that. At least most of the time.

I had doubts about sending Jade to public school from the start. But at that time I had more doubts about my own ability to teach her what she needs to know. At that time I had very few friends in the area, and even fewer with children. None of them were home school families.

Now I'm older and more confident in my abilities as a parent. I have a much larger network of friends, many of whom are home schooling families. I've learned a lot that I didn't know five years ago.

Do I think it's all going to be smooth sailing? Nope. I have no delusions about the difficulties. I just think the benefits will be worth it. I'm looking forward to nurturing my children in a new way.

I know not everyone is going to be supportive of our decision. That's OK, they are my kids and it's up to me and my husband to decide what is best for them. Most of our friends and family have been very supportive, or have at least had manners enough to not say otherwise.

I'm sure many people have doubts. I know I use to. I told many people I didn't think I would ever want to home school my kids. Things change when they start asking for it and give you good reasons too. And when you see your daughter missing out on things she loves and excels at because of her 10 hour school day (this includes her crazy long bus rides each day). Or when she is bored in a school that refuses to challenge her ability. (The superintendent thinks their non-existent gifted and talented program is working for the above average learners.)

We have been lucky that my daughter has had teachers who see her ability and do what they can to challenge her. Unfortunately they also have a full classroom of students to teach. We can't expect them to do more when they are continually given less and less to work with and more and more students to teach.

So yes, I am sure I want to home school my children. I believe they will get the best education they can and that they will benefit from a life style that will better prepare them for life in the "real world" as they grow and mature.


Dianna said...

I say, "Good for you for homeschooling your children!" It is a decision you and your husband will NEVER regret. Your post today is SO good!

Chicken Momma said...

Thank you Dianna. We are quite excited about it.

Redheadmamaof7boys said...

My favorite parts of homeschooling are FLEXIBILITY, time for reading/relaxed learnining, and sibling closeness.
I think you will love it. (most of the time :) )
My sister is also just beginning homeschooling next year. I have been homeschooling (mostly) for 9 years. I took one semester off. And for 2 years I only schooled one and sent 2 to school. It is always an adventure, but, I fulfilling one. Enjoy!

Sue said...

I'm standing up and cheering after reading this! Homeschooling has been the best choice for us even though I didn't have 100% support either. I think everyone has now seen that my children are happy, healthy, learning and ... well ... normal! I still question myself some days (Who doesn't have bad days?) but homeschooling has been right for us as I believe it will be for you as well.

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