Monday, March 8, 2010

What Do You Do With All Those Eggs?

I get this question a lot. Some get sold to a friend, some are given to family, and some are used to barter with. I've traded eggs for everything from babysitting to fresh produce.

Sometimes we have more eggs than we can sell, give away or barter with. We eat a lot of eggs. He have a lot of hard boiled eggs and often do breakfast for dinner, but my favorite is something I call "Egg Bake Surprise".

To make "Egg Bake Surprise" take some eggs (usually 6-12 depending on the size of my baking dish) and beat them well. Then start adding in anything you feel like using up. I usually go through the fridge and grab leftovers. It's a great way to use up those small containers of cooked veggies that have less than a serving in them. Cheese is a must in our house. I've put just about any meat you can think of in it as well - ham, leftover meatloaf, chicken, bacon, sausages of all kinds - you get the idea. Sometimes I will add in some milk. Seasonings, of course - salt, pepper, garlic, hot sauce. Day old bread is great in there too.

Once you have all your chosen ingredients mixed in, pour it in your baking dish. Bake it at 350 degrees for about an hour, or until the center is set.

Here's one I made recently with shredded potatoes and cheese:
It's a good way to use up eggs without making the same thing over and over until everyone is sick to death of eggs.


Jenny said...

I made a chocolate angel food cake the other day that used 16 egg whites. Yeah for using some eggs up! I scrambled the yolks and fed them to the chickens.

Dianna said...

Love your recipe idea! I'm going to be trying that one out!

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