Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Going Out To Eat

Going out to eat is something we rarely do. It's expensive and I'm usually managing all three kid on my own. Also, I can't always control the ingredients when we are eating out. When you have to avoid nitrates and MSG, that can making eating out frequently not an option.But since it was Labor Day and the kids wanted new pajamas for the first day of school, we headed to Walmart. Of course we no sooner got there and all three kids were starving. STARVING I tell ya! So I took them to the Subway at the front of the store.
They had fun, at foods I rarely let them have at home. Bologna, real salami (we eat uncured at home), and ham (again, uncured at home). Even my three year old polished off a 6-inch sub by himself. And lets not forget the cookie. What can be better than a chocolate chip cookie on a rainy day?We had fun. The kids behaved. It was great. I have avoided doing too many things in public with all three kids at once because it would get to be so exasperating for me. Young children don't try to get out of hand. It's just that when your a little kid in a new place it can be really hard to contain the excitement. It's just bigger than they are.

I got to eat my whole sandwich. If your are wondering, I got a chicken breast on flat bread. That was so good. I need to learn to make flat bread like that at home. Or maybe it tasted so good because my kids were behaving so well I got to eat it from start to finish with out swallowing unchewed food to yell at someone. All in all, it was a great day. Kids with full tummies behave better too, so shopping was even a little fun. Megan is STILL in her new jammies. Wonder how long it's going to take me to get her out of them so they can be washed.

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