Monday, September 27, 2010


I love that word. It's just plain fun to say. HUZZAH!!! It's the Renaissance version of hooray. Too bad everyone looks at you like you're crazy if you use it outside of Renaissance Faire setting. (Right, Mike?)
One of the things I feel needs to be a priority with the kids doing school at home is socialization. Not so much because I think they need to spend a lot of time in groups of kids, but because I think it's important to connect with their peers and have friends. I just think they need someone to talk to now and then that's not part of their immediate family.
Last Friday we were lucky enough to be invited on a field trip with some other families from Connections Academy. We went to the Michigan Renaissance Festival for their Festival Friday. It's a toned down version of the festival to make it more family friendly.
There was so much to see that I really don't feel like we were able to see it all. I can't wait to go back. I have more pictures to share throughout the week.
The best part of it was not only did Jade get to meet the classmate she has been emailing the last few weeks, but I made a new friend as well. See, the need for socialization doesn't stop with the kids. We all need to connect with our peers from time to time.

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