Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Slow Going Can Get Frustrating

Why is it that the closer I get to Sunday, the hardder it is to get anything done? Chick prep. is moving along very slow. Of course Meg picks now to suddenly act like she's in the terrible twos as well. At least Jade has been on her best behavior so far this week. I've been quite proud of her. Since Braden is only one, I don't expect him to be anything less than high maintenance, it's his job.

Honestly, I think the reason it's so frustrating is that I don't have much left to do, I just have to be able to get it done. I have to move one table out and a different one in. Then put the hardware cloth on the brooder. That's ALL I have to do. Why in two days have I not been able to do either thing?

At least the girls and I are still excited about getting the chicks. I'm really looking forward to them. One of my favorite sounds is the crowing of a rooster. I just hope it doesn't bother the neighbors too much. I don't know them well, but they seem pretty nice. Given that we have three farms on our mile, I can't imagine they are going to be too bothered by the sounds of chickens. And if they are, maybe I can buy them off with free eggs. :o)

That's enough rambling for one night. I need to get some sleep so I have something worth wile to say tomorrow.

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