Wednesday, April 16, 2008

What a Beautiful Day

Sunshine and 70 degrees. A bit too windy, but as long as I have warm and sunny I can put up with the wind. It was hard to concentrate on any chores today.

I ended up spending a good part of the day outside with the kids. We went for a walk down the road and Megan picked up trash. She was doing her part to save the earth. When Jade got home from school, we walked out back. Things are turning green and even the slow to bud trees are starting to show signs of spring.

I still feel stuck in limbo with the chickens. However, I did walk the area we are going to put them in and have a good plan for the set up of their yard. It looks like it will take up a good part of the area directly behind the house. The next day that it doesn't rain, I'm going to stake out the spot where the coop will go so we can start to level the ground. That's the one thing we have a lack of here....level ground.

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Farmgirl_dk: said...

I really love the onset of Spring when all the tips of new growth start appearing, both on trees and out of the ground. Now, if we could just warm up a bit, I'd be a happy girl.
Sorry about the chicken-limbo thing (hey, isn't that a game, chicken limbo?) - i have no doubt you'll work it out. You've got that great shed, just waiting for your overhaul and June isn't that far away. Don't be like me and get the chicks first, thinking that you'll have so much time afterwards to get the coop and run built!! :-)

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