Monday, January 24, 2011

My Nephew

This is my nephew, Jimmy. This is his Warrior Face. It's the face he uses when he wants to scare cancer. You see, Jimmy's friend, Max, passed away on Thanksgiving day from cancer. Max was working hard to raise money for childhood cancer research. Since his passing, many have come together to continue raising cancer in memory of Max.

Jimmy has a goal to raise $1,000 by February 12, 2011. He is only nine years old, yet has put so much passion and effort into what he wants to accomplish that it's easy to forget he's so young. I'm very proud of him and really want to see him reach this goal. I learned from him that seven children die every day from childhood cancer. SEVEN children!

If you are a parent that number is mind numbing. That means that every day seven mothers hug their child for the last time. Seven fathers kiss their children goodnight never to do it again. As a mother just the thought of losing one of my children is so painful I can hardly breathe. If we can keep just one family from suffering this horrible loss, it will be worth everything.

If you are able, please consider donating. Every dollar counts. CLICK HERE to donate.

As a bonus, if Jimmy reaches his goal by the deadline, my sister will be shaving her head. I'd love to see that, especially knowing the reason behind it.

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